The hydrogeochemical laboratory of the AMU Department of Hydrogeology and Water Protection conducts physico-chemical analyses of water and soil samples using the following analytical equipment: inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), high-performance liquid chromatography with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (HPLC-ICP-MS), atomic absorption spectrometry (ASA) and ion chromatography (IC).

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (model 8800 QQQ, produced by Agilent Technologies, Japan) is applied in multi-element determinations in any mineralized matrix. In connection with high-performance liquid chromatography (model 1260 Infinity, produced by Agilent Technologies), the coupled techniques are applied in the determinations of speciation forms of elements.

Atomic absorption spectrometry SpectraAA apparatuses (model 280FS and 280Z, produced by Varian, Australia) are mainly used in the determinations of metals and metalloids in water and rock samples. The devices enable determinations using flame, graphite furnace and quartz furnace atomization. They are fully automatized – equipped with automatic samplers, SIPS and a cold vapour generator.

The following determinations are conducted using ion chromatography (model 881 Compact IC Pro,  Metrohm, Switzerland): Li+, Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, NH4+, F, Cl, NO2, NO3, SO42− and PO43-.

Additional laboratory equipment consists of a CEM-MARS Xpress microwave mineraliser. The laboratory is also equipped with devices for collecting surface and ground water samples and rock samples, as well as with apparatuses for physio-chemical field measurements. The laboratory employs qualified and experienced staff, who regularly attend domestic and international conferences and trainings.

The laboratory conducts analyses for the Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences, carried out within domestic and international research projects. In the laboratory, students of the Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences have their classes. The laboratory also provides services in the scope of physico-chemical analysis of samples for companies and institutions outside AMU.